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Quartz, Glassware and Furnace tubes

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Part Number Description Price Stock
C3119 740 weigh Boat, multi matrix 71123
C4805 Acid Scrubber Tube for CKIC 212055108
C4803 Aliquot Scrubber CKIC TCN2200 3040202035
C4336 Anhydrone Tube (Large) 783-608
C3110 Antek Pyro Tube Direct Inject 70061
C4319 Antimony Trap Tube 773-106
C3054 Ash crucible Quartz 38.00-1290
C3024 Ash Finger 11.02-1036/4
C3018 Ash Finger 11001170/4
C3060 Ash Finger 11001170/4 pack of 10
C3030 Ash Finger Ceramic Rapid N 05000087
C3031 Ash Finger Stainless Steel 12001087/4
C3200 Ash Fusion Platforms Pack of 100
C8016 Ball Joint Connecting Tube Transparent Silica DN10/100/MCTS20/30/120/130
C4754 Boat Cover for No. 6A for C/S Analysis Horiba 905.201.190.001 pack of 100
C5125 Boat guiding tube AOX MODUL0009
C4105 Boat Stop 616-086
C6502 Boat Stop ELTRA CS500 36101
C4204 Boat Stop SC132/32/232 529-022
C3117 Boat, multi-matrix, Md 740 Boat Liquid 71122
C3118 Boat, water jacket, Pyro 70007
C4032 Bubble/Filter/Reagent Tube Borosilicate Glass 771-030
C1020 Cap Kit for Threaded Joints Caps PTFE Backed Silicone Seals pack of 2
C8057 Carbon 14 Trap Harvey Type Borosilicate Glass OX Series
C4318 Catalyst Heater Tube 772-739
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