Elementar Pyro Cube

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Compatible Instruments con Elementar Pyro Cube
Part Number Descripción Precio Stock Acciones
B1090 Alumina (Aluminium Oxide) Spheres 3 to 6mm 40gm
B1093 Alumina (Aluminium Oxide) Spheres 3 to 6mm 250gm
C1106 Ceramic Tube Pyrocube 23.00-1021
C1143 Drying tube 15.00-0080
C3028 Oxygen Lance 90mm 05 002 321
C3029 Support Tube 175mm Pyrocube
C3050 Reduction Tube Pyrocube 23.00-1149
C3051 Combustion Tube Pyrocube 23.00-1150
C3052 support rod reduction tube 175mm 23.00-1148
C3053 support rod, reduction tube 65mm 11.00-1364/4
C3057 support rod reduction tube 110mm 15.40-1002
C3061 Ash crucible graphite 23.00-1189
C3123 U Tube GL14 23.00-0080
C3125 Drying tube 23.00-1230
C7002 Glassy Carbon Chips Thermo-Finnigan TC/EA 3-4mm 1117400 25g
C7003 Glassy Carbon Chips Eurovector E10521 2-3mm, 25g
C7017 Glassy Carbon Tube Pyrocube 23.00-1020
C7018 Ash Finger - High Temperature Pyrocube 15.00???1189
D5024 Silver Weighing Boats 12 x 4 x 4mm pack of 100
E1050 Seal for Oxygen lance viton rubber 05000247
E1174 Filter Diameter 18mm 03002399 pack of 1
E2521 Manually operated drill 11.00-0500/4
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